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Accounting & Taxation Services

Since 1977, we have been helping companies and individuals throughout Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley meet their accounting and taxation needs.

Professional Accounting and Tax Advice in Delta, Surrey, and Surrounding Areas

For professional business consultation and tax services in Surrey, you can call the experts at Bouchard & Co. We provide accounting services, corporate tax services, personal tax services, consulting services, and much more. 

Our experienced staff can help you with year-end financial statements, corporate taxes, and even personal taxes. Our goal is to help you and your business improve your cash flow, increase your profitability, and provide advice on you to help grow your business.

We understand that many small businesses do not have a CPA on staff, which makes us a great resource. As small business advisors, we want to help you succeed. We love to grow small and medium businesses into successful enterprises.

Bouchard & Co is also able to help with personal taxes. Our staff enjoys doing complicated personal taxes. We are able to do taxes for both Canadians and US citizens living in Canada.

Whether you are a small business owner who needs accounting help or someone who needs assistance with your taxes, Bouchard & Co has the expertise necessary. Contact our office today to speak with our experienced staff.

Our services include:



Ensure your company’s financial information is recorded accurately.


Our goal is to help you grow your small or medium business.

Personal Taxes

The more complicated the better. We can help you with personal taxes.

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