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Learn About Business Taxes in Canada

Tax compliance is a constantly changing subject in an effort to keep up with the modern economy. It can become a complex and lengthy process. Be compliant with current tax laws across Canada and protect your business. Our services include sales tax audit assistance, sales tax compliance, and sales tax consulting.

There is a tax treaty between the U. S. and Canada to address all tax issues between the two countries. Also, the CRA (Sales Tax Audit Assistance) administers various tax statutes in Canada. The Canada-United States Income Tax Convention prevents double taxation and enhances co-operation between the two countries. Our professionals at Bouchard & Co have the experience in helping clients through these complexities of sales and taxes and we provide solutions tailored to your specific needs. Give us a call to discuss business taxes in detail.

Business Succession Planning

Bouchard & Co helps businesses in Surrey set up a succession plan to ensure the continuation of their business.

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