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When You Need Tax Services in Surrey, Come to Us

Do you need help preparing and filing your personal taxes? When you need tax services in Surrey, come to us. At Bouchard & Co, we prepare and file over 1,000 personal tax returns every year. We have the experience and expertise to prepare complex personal tax returns starting from $300 a return. Please contact us today to speak to our experts.


Between February and April every year, Bouchard & Company prepares and files over 1,000 personal tax returns for Canadians.

Do you feel overwhelmed at tax time? Let us help you ensure that you do not pay any more tax than you have to or that you get the entire refund that you are entitled to.

Does any of the following apply to you:

  • Are you a self-employed sole proprietor?
  • Do you own any real estate rental properties?
  • Do you need to claim employment expenses?
  • Do you have investments in the stock market? Do you need to report investment income? How about capital gains or capital losses? Do you own foreign property holdings in excess of $100,000 CAD?
  • Do you have a dependent that is eligible for the Disability Tax Credit and know how to maximize your tax benefits?
  • Do you receive a pension and know whether or not it should be split with your spouse?
  • Do you have an excess RSP contribution and CRA is requesting that you file a T1-OVP?

We have some resources to keep you organized at tax time.

Call or email us to set up an initial meeting. Prefer to talk over the phone and securely send us your documents electronically, we can send you an email with a link.

Do you file your taxes late? Are you two, three, or four years or more behind in your tax filings? We have helped many individuals get caught up on the filings.

Self-Employed Sole Proprietor Income and Expense Checklist PDF

Rental Property Checklist PDF

Employment Expanse Checklist PDF

Accounting Services

We help companies throughout Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley meet their accounting needs.

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