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Trust and Estate Planning Services in Surrey

If you are looking for trust and estate planning services in Surrey, Bouchard & Co is the right choice for you. Proper estate planning helps your beneficiaries to simplify complex issues. Without a proper plan in place, settling your estate can have a long-lasting impact on your loved ones. It also keeps away unintended beneficiaries. Without an estate plan, the court will decide how your assets are divided. We spend significant amount of time with our clients to develop an organized estate plan for them. Our accountants assist individuals and families throughout Surrey with their various trust and estate planning needs.

Trust and estate planning involves the final personal tax returns and filing trust tax returns of the deceased until the estate of the deceased is settled by the executor and funds are distributed to the trust’s beneficiaries. This process is usually done within 18 to 24 months but can go on for years if the will is challenged by beneficiaries. This process involves both planning and the tax filing components. The expertise of experienced accountants is required in such scenarios. Hence, the executors have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the estate focusing on both planning and tax filing. The accountants from Bouchard & Co can help with the required tax fillings.

We understand that every family is unique and comes to Bouchard & Co with its unique needs. We help you explore various avenues to accomplish your specific goals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.

Experienced Staff

All our professionals are dedicated to ensuring you get the best possible taxation and accounting services.

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